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Readings for Monday 11/23

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Arduino/Firmata links

buttons Firmata

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Gamification articles to read and watch for Wednesday 10/14

Can Gaming Transform your Life How Gamefication is going to change the workplace. Gamification and Education infographic Transform your Call Center!!! Gaming can make a better world! Gamification is Bullsh*t Pro Gaming as game content?  

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Reading for Monday 10/5

Error and Noise – netWorksPart5

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Reading for Wednesday 9/30

Data Visualization section – Net Works   Section 5 will be available later to read by Monday.

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working with simple 3D primitives

Here is the sketch I presented in class on Wednesday 9/23: 3D sine_wave_sketch For Monday I want you to experiment with Transform, pushMatrix(), popMatrix() and boxes and spheres to create unique forms using some of the Mathematical algorithm, and functions

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9/21 .zip file of today’s sketches for 3D

3d_data examples   for your downloading pleasure

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game making resources

Free tools for game making   h/t Liam $6 gets you Gamemaker Studio Pro h/t Joseph

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a new game as promised — September 17th

Punch the Chimp All files for this line by line examination of  “Punch the Chimp” are available in the pygame module folder in python. In the pygame module folder there is an examples folder that contains the file, and

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