Drone Art



“drone selfie” (2014)

Drone Portraiture (2014- ongoing)

These images are evidence of artists and individuals photographed in relation to spaces they inhabit, wish to inhabit, or have in some way developed a significant relationship with.









“A” (2014)

Learning to Write by Remote Control (2014 – ongoing)

Using long exposures and a drone with a single light attached I draw letters at an architectural scale, allowing the wavering movements dictated by uncertain GPS signals and environmental factors to add personality to the forms.  As more letters get created they will be used to form words, and perhaps one day the drone will learn to speak in sentences like a wireless Ouija board.







“Constellations of the City” (2013)

Constellations of the City (2013 – ongoing)

Walking through a city to create a drawing for a drone to render in the air.










production shot from “Sprawl” (2012)

“Sprawl” (2012)

A video wherein a weather balloon carries a television transmitter into the sky until it flies out of range of the television on the ground.

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