Thermal Camera Works

I recently started building a thermal camera into a used Polaroid Land Camera. Using a Raspberry Pi I am able to make low resolution videos and images. I am entertaining the notion of doing higher res stuff with a camera designed by someone else, but I will continue to develop this lo-res raspberry pi driven camera.

Update 11-1-22: The Polaroid Land Camera is provisionally functional and has ditched the raspberry Pi in favor of the Teensy 4.1. The plans I used to design mine are here: Find pictures of the camera itself here, when I get it fully functional. Should be very soon.

I have started doing some portraiture at slightly higher resolution, using the newly successfully built Polaroid Thermal Camera. I’ll be putting some portraits as I take them below. In the meantime I will continue to experiment with palettes and upscaling, with the eventual goal of maybe making prints.

Below are some of my lo-res video works, that I will be continuing with soon.